Can only see 3 out of 12 categories on listing page


Recently started trialling/setting up. Quite nice! However have a couple of issues, this is the first one.

We’ve populated 12 categories and set “show categories instead of listings” then used the category_list shortcode: [listdom_category style=“image” max_grid =“8” limit=“12”] and even tried this: [listdom_category style=“image” max_grid =“8” show_count=“12” limit=“12”]

the problem is, only 3 categories show (looks like 1 row). We have no caching or CDN set up in plugins and asked the hosting provider to flush/disable and check anything at their end. They confirmed no caching. Tried several browsers and deleting local cached content.

So not sure why this shortcode is stuck showing only 3 out of all the categories?

Help please as site launch is in less than a week now.


Just to be clear, we have eliminated “caching” as being an issue (we believe), so not sure why else the shortcode would only be showing 3 categories? maybe there’s a default of 3 and I haven’t got the parameters correct? Or should we be using a different shortcode or code?


Please make sure that you’re using HivePress, the shortcodes you posted are not from HivePress plugin, these seem to be from the Listdom plugin.