Can the Booking extension manage hours other than days?

Hi, I purchased an experthive theme and I am trying to build a platform where clients can book services from vendors.

Since by default vendors cannot select more than one date on the editing attribute section, and I want them to be able to select all the available dates for their service in the editing section so that clients can see the best dates to book those services, would you suggest me to purchase the booking extension?

Would that make the vendor able to display his availability for his service and update it when more users book the service (and therefore limit their available slots)?

I noticed that vendors can edit their calendars updating them according to their available days, can they block also hours and not just entire days? For instance, can someone book a listing from 8-9 pm, and therefore that slot within the day would be blocked after the booking is completed (as opposed to blocking the whole day slot) ? Or are calendars based on days only?


Yes, that’s right, vendors can block days and specific time slots.

Please note that in this version, there is only one calendar mode; everything is unlocked by default, and the vendor blocks what is unavailable.

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Thank you!

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