Can the Requests Page be retricted to certain users with the Membership Extension

If we use the Membership Plugin can we restricting certain users from viewing the Requests page. Maybe if we make the page require a password to enter by using a plugin.


Yes, you can restrict the Request page with Memberships. You can choose the restriction in HivePress > Settings > Memberships.

ā€‹I hope this is helpful to you.

That is good news. Memberships will suit our business model better than paid listings.

Can you tell me, is there a way to charge a recurring subsription fee to members.

We have purchased the Membership Extension. This appears to be the Paid Membership Pro plugin. Is that correct.


Unfortunately, there is no recurring payments feature yet, but we plan to add this feature in the next updates. You can find our Memberships extension at this link Memberships - Charge users for viewing listings | HivePress Extensions

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OK. Recurring payments is important for any Membership system.
Looking forward to the software update.
Can we use a recurring payment plugin in the meantime.

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