Can we use GPS instead of address in RentalHive?

Can we use GPS instead of address in RentalHive? Unfortunately addresses are inherently VERY wrong on Kelleys Island, Ohio. In addition we have an entire condo complex at 111 W. Lakeshore Dr. GPS coords are much more precise and needed to make this accurate.

Please try using one of the available map providers (Google or Mapbox), unfortunately there’s no other source of geolocation date. GPS is used for determining the current user location if they click Locate Me - then browser asks for consent, if user clicks Share and the current device has GPS (any smartphone) the current location is fetched and pre-filled in the Location field.

I want to use GPS coordinates instead of an address for each individual property on the site, many other templates use gps instead of addresses and they all use google maps as the source.

If you mean allowing to enter coordinates manually (to the Latitude/Longitude fields) unfortunately there’s no such option yet, all the locations are fetched via the available map providers (when a location is selected in the drop-down, it’s coordinates are saved for a listing).

yeah, this option is DEFINITELY needed, as mentioned just think of a condominium complex - same address and NINE different buildings.

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