Cancel reservation by host on frontend

How does a host cancel a reservation on the front end?

If you need a step by step to understand my question, I can send it.


Hosts can cancel bookings in the same way as customers, please check if there’s a Cancel Booking link on the booking page (in the sidebar area).

Sorry, I confused! I want to know if there is a way to cancel an order after payment?

In the order field, after confirming the payment, there is no possibility to cancel. If the host has a problem and needs to cancel the reservation already paid for, how does he do it?

I’ve just tried to make a booking on a local WordPress installation and the Cancel Booking link is still visible for vendors even after the booking is paid and confirmed Screenshot by Lightshot Please let me know if I’m missing something. You can also allow refunds in HivePress/Settings/Orders, then vendors can cancel the booking and refund a specific amount via the order page depending on their cancellation terms.

Right, in this screen you refer the booking field, right?

My question is in orders field. We have some solution for cancel a already paid booking?

In screenshot below, it is a order. This booking already paid, if the vendor cannot do the execute of the booking, how him can cancel de order? One time that don’t have any option em front-end for cancel the order.

If you need more information or a step-by-step, you can tell me.


Vendors can cancel the booking (via the Cancel Booking link), then the user will get the Booking Canceled email and it’ll get the Canceled status, also the booking will disappear from the calendar. If you mean canceling the linked order this is not required because it’s just a payment receipt, it doesn’t affect the booking if it stays with the “paid” (completed) status.

If you also allow vendors to make refunds you can enable this in HivePress/Settings/Orders section, then orders with Processing status will have the Refund Order link (this way vendors can make partial refunds, e.g. according to their cancelation policies). Please make sure that the payment gateways are set up correctly because the paid order should get the Processing status (not Completed), and then Completed status after the booking end date is passed (this happens automatically).

Ok, I understand! This worked, thanks.

Now, which are the option to enable refund? Which option I should mark?

Please make sure that you updated Marketplace to the latest version, then the Refunds option will appear in this settings section. If you set the license key correctly the update will appear in Dashboard/Updates. You can also re-download it anytime via the purchase email (it always links to the latest version).

Ok, thanks!

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