Cancel Service Request

Hi everyone,

Is it possible for a buyer who has taken a service from a seller to cancel the “pending” request?

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If you mean to cancel the request while it is in moderation, if it is not relevant, then unfortunately, there is no such possibility yet.


Nop, precisely I do not speak about a request as you think :

I’m talking about a Listing published by a seller on which a buyer buys, and then wants to cancel because the vendor take too much time to reply or to deliver the service.
Just after proceed to the payment, then the service is “pending”, awaiting for the service to be rendered.

The buyer can’t do this immediately, but they can complain to the site owner (via the Dispute link if you allow disputes via settings), then the site admin can change the order status and make a refund.

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Thank you ihor, do you plan to implement this feature in the future ?

We’ll consider adding this feature, but allowing users to cancel orders may be pretty dangerous, e.g. if they already received a result (maybe via messages) or the seller already started working on the order.

It’s true, it could create disputes.

Unless you give the seller the option to click on “first draft sent” or “work started” which would then remove the possibility for the buyer to cancel.

This way he could only cancel as long as nothing has been started.

It’s a lot of work but I’m still throwing the idea out there, in the meantime the current features are more than enough and don’t bother at all.

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