Cannot log in after creating an account

Hello Ihor,

I have created 2 external accounts, with different email addresses, I receive an error message for both login attempts , incorrect username and password please help.

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Same issue but I don’t get an error it authenticates and just doesn’t show that I’m logged in.

It’s most likely a caching issue; please try disabling third-party plugins and see if the issue persists
If it doesn’t work, can you please share the password used for a test account? The error may be due to any special characters used.

When you say disable plugins do you mean “all” of them including hivepress?

No change, the login screen just goes back to like you never logged in

The directory classified theme is useless to me if myself or new users cannot consistently be able to create a login, get the email validating the request to login email the return to the site to login and post… this just does not happen.

No, all third-party plugins except HivePress and its extensions. Please also check if this issue persists when you login on the demo site If not then it’s 100% related to a caching plugin or server-level settings (some hosting providers enable their own caching solutions, not via plugins).

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All set here, disabled all of the other plugins and we are good. Thx!

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