Can't add listing because Captcha is required that isn't there?

Getting ready to finally launch my site, but I was trying to add a listing but when I clicked on Submit, it told me that the Captcha was invalid. But there’s no captcha on the page, unless it’s invisible.

Yes, we recently detected this bug, if occurs when reCaptcha is enabled and the category is selected, because it refreshes the form without a page refresh and it seems that Google requires some extra actions to refresh the reCaptcha. Will be fixed in the next update.

So should i just turn ReCaptcha off for now? I’m trying to test the purchase of packages and currently I cannot.

Yes, if you have the listing moderation enabled please disable it for the Listing Submit form in HivePress/Settings/Integrations until we fix this.


Hopefully, the fix will come soon.

Is there any news on this yet?
We are suffering from this here - we really would like to use recaptcha for this form
I updated the plug in yesterday to 1.6.14 but the problem persists.

Sorry, not fix yet but it’ll be included in the next update.

I turned off moderation myself, since the client wants all submissions to go through automatically, so this should eliminate the problem.

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