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call me blind or stupid … but after installing the Import plugin, I can’t find the place where to actually do the import. The help article (How to set up and import listings - HivePress Help Center) says “go to My Account > Listings” but there is no such place as “My Account”, or at least I can’t find it, nor is there an “Import Listing” option anywhere else in the backend.

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Hi, to to the user menu drop down. Under the listings label. Click on it and displays all the host’s submitted listings. Scroll to the bottom, there is a small import button there.

appreciate your attempt to help. But: which “user menu drop down”? where exactly is this supposed to be? I’m talking about Wordpress backend …

In the user login drop down, the import/export buttons for the listing will be on the bottom of the listings label when you scroll down.

I believe there is no backend access for import/export, there is only front end access. Only when the host/vendor submits their listing or imports/exports using the method I described above.

Thanks so much, you sent me on the right track. Obviously, my theme doesn’t show the HivePress toolbar at all, so no wonder I couldn’t see it. I solved it now via Wordpress’ customizer, previewing the HivePress Listing theme.
Unfortunately, the import function seams to be very unreliable and doesn’t handle my import CSVs well, so only a fracture of the data is imported while the plugin doesn’t show any error messages what happened or why it drops most of the data. So I guess I stop wasting even more time on this and simply add the new listings manually.
Again, thanks very much for your help!

No worries. Yes that’s why I don’t use the import feature. Hopefully hp devs improve it.

Also the dates search function for time slots needs improvement asap! If one is not on their own hosted server it doesn’t seem to work & just keeps loading and loading… :tired_face:

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