Cant get access to my site

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble accessing my wordpress site. I can however log into my hosting (which is hostinger) but evertime i try to access the site through hostinger it says ‘sorry you are not allowed top access this page’.

I tried logging into my site via the browser sign in, but it wouldnt let me so i clicked forgot my password and had to change my password but that doesnt let me into wordpress as an admin. It only allows me to sign in like a standard person with an account on my site

So just to not that now my admin password for my site and my hosting password will be different.

I know this is technically not a hivepress issue but was wondering if you guys knew what could be causing this? or if you can point me to the right direction? It happened when i was customising my home page and it logged me out and ever since i havent been able to get access.

Ive tried a different browser ( even incognito mode) but still no luck

You have a backup?

Yes i have the updraft plugin installed. I think it last backedup a week ago


Please note that this is not a HivePress-specific issue, as we do not have a feature that would deny access to the site. Therefore, we recommend contacting your hosting provider to help restore access to the site.

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