Can't reclaim a listing

I’m did a test where I cancelled a premium listing I had claimed. Then tried to claim it again. When I did, I got the following prompt instead saying I can’t claim my own listings. Huh? Why is that? I should be able to reclaim the listing.


Claiming a listing means changing the authorship of the listing to the user who claims the listing.

When a user is listed as a vendor, they can manage the listing,

So I’m a bit confused. I see the Vendors area but I don’t see any place where it would locations that they had previously claimed. Do I need to delete the vendor to free up the reclaimimg of the location?


Sorry for the confusion.

If the listing is not marked as Verified, it will display a listing claim link. All claims you can check in WP > Listings > Claims.

If the claim is confirmed (published), the listing is switched to the author who claimed it, and the verified status is set to verify because the listing is claimed.

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