Center location label vertically

Small thing but how do we centre adjust the Location text on the search box?

On dekstop and mobile the label Location sits slightly lower than other labels which are left justified but centred in terms of floating height . Sorry not sure what the technical term is for the height of text.

Many thanks

Please send a link to your site and I’ll check this issue, does it occur on the demo site?

Demo looks perfect but realised I was comparing attribute to geolocation.

Sorry, just realised it wasn’t the geolocation field. It’s a custom attribute for vendor of “select” type.

The text is centre’ aligned after clicking it to view selections and then deselecting. But will load off centre at first load.


Edit: It looks like checking “Allow multiple selection” causes this issue. When it is unchecked the alignment is perfect but then you lose the functionality of selecting multiple options.

If this field is enabled on your site please send a link to it (you can also send it privately via, I’ll be able to check it and provide a CSS fix.

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