Change behaviour of Apply Now button

Lots of employers don’t want to use the internal messaging system to receive job applications.

It would be helpful if a feature was added so that an employer could choose to add a url or email address when creating the job listing so that when the Apply Now button is clicked by the user they are taken to an external link or it opens their email client with the employers chosen email pre-filled.

Hi, its possible now if you create a button & title it Apply Now and add the external link upon clicking.

Btw the latest trend I’m seeing in US is that the employee can reach the hiring manager via messaging directly on job hiring platforms. It makes it easier for the job applicant that gets tired of waiting on employer to answer back, and they can ask questions about the job to them.

Thanks for your response.

I’ve built it myself by making two new listing attributes, one a url and the other email. The end result looks like this:

With the employer able to put an external link, or an email address or both.

To get the url to look like a button I used this code snippet: Style the URL attribute as a button (display format) #hivepress #attributes · GitHub
adding the code into the Display Format box.

I’ve then added some CSS to hide the default Apply Now button from view. I’ve done this rather than removing the messaging plugin so that people can still use the messaging system in other places to communicate directly to employers.

The reason I’ve put this comment in here is because this should really be a standard feature in a jobs board theme rather than something we have to put together like this using bits of code.

Yes very nice, that is exactly how I formatted my website for same functionality. It would be nice to be automatic, but I guess HP just offers a basic template & then we have to customize it. But its not bad starting point, & it seems they keep making it better. So thanks for your suggestions, they take every feedback into consideration. Some get added to their roadmap or approved.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

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