Change content of Claim Listings Popup

I can’t seem to figure out where to change this but we want to make alterations to the Claim Listings popup. Basically, four things.

A-Change the copy from “Please provide details that will help us…” to something else.
B-Remove the comment field
C-Add an additional Learn More button to take them to a static Sales page we’ll create in WordPress.
D-Change the text of the button from ‘Claim for $XXX’ to ‘Purchase Listing’.

Anyway we can change any or all of this?


A and D are possible if you use the Loco plugin to edit the static texts, but other changes would require code customizations, and even if you replace the modal window content with a button linked to another page, this page’s form wouldn’t claim a listing automatically.

If customizations are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work

So A and D are done, but back to B and C. Trying to locate the code that generates the popup, but we can’t find it. Is it in the Claim Listings plugin? Or someplace else?

Searched for both PHP and JS script and hit up the Options table in the database and struck out.

So which plugin and files does this exist in and which filter should we use?

It’s possible, but requires customizations for the listing_view_page template if you want to replace the modal window along with the claim listing form.

So we looked at the listing_view_page template and it is referring to the actual page. What we want is the filter that is specific to the modal popup when the “Claim Listing” link is clicked, see attached

. Is there a way to target the modal pop up?

Yes, this modal is a block in the hivepress/v1/templates/listing_view_page (and maybe listing_view_block if you customized it like on the screenshot). You can use this filter hook to attach a function that will add, remove or override existing blocks Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

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