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Hi All,

I am customising text via loco translate.

I’m unable to change vendor profile from the user drop-down menu

I need to change it from Vendor Profile >> Expert Profile

Thanks :raised_hands:

Please let me know if it’s a custom menu in Appearance/Menus or the built-in HivePress account menu? There’s no such menu item in the HivePress account menu by default.

Hi Ihor,

It’s the built-in Hivepress account menu, (from the user dropdown) it also appears in the dashboard side menu -

Also, how can I change the URL when on the vendor profile page?
Currently it’s:

I need to change vendor >> expert

Thank you :raised_hands:

I changed my URL using the Settings > Permalink

Next to the Vendor text box, I added my custom text and the URL changes from there on.

Fun fact, I tested doing https:// experthive. hivepress. io/frank/ and it goes to the same vendor page but can become conflicted if there are multiple vendors with the same words. Not sure how the logic works or if its WP logic or HP logic.


It seems that the Vendor Profile menu item was added via a custom code snippet, there’s no such menu item in HivePress by default. Please change this label in the code snippet.

It’s possible to change URL slugs in Settings/Permalinks.


Yes, it’s a WordPress logic, if the page is not found it tries to search content with the same slug even if the post type is not set in the URL.


Thanks Ihor, it was the code snippet! The label needed to be changed :raised_hands:

Thanks, this worked for me! I was able to change vendor in this URL: /frank/ using Permalinks.

However, I’m still trying to change vendor over here too:

Any solutions on this? :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

It’s possible to customize non-public URLs like this one, but via the code snippets for the hivepress/v1/routes filter hook. Please consider keeping them as is because public URLs like the listing or vendor pages are indexed by the search engines so it makes sense for SEO, while URLs like the user account dashboard are not indexed and regular users usually don’t care about the content in the browser address bar.

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