Change name price on submit listing

Hi guys!

I want to change the name “Price” to “Preço” on submit listing.

I searched in all plugins and themes on Loco translate and don’t found the option.

Do you have any other option for this problem? Or, do you know where I can find the option for make change?

I seen all plugins e themes e doesn’t have the option price for translate in Loco Translate


If you use the Marketplace extension, please check if the Price word is available in the Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress Marketplace section. You can remove the Price attribute in Listings/Attributes since it won’t affect the built-in Price field anyway.


I just check the plugin Marketplace on Loco Translate and doesn’t have the option Price to translate.

The only option that return price it’s “%1$s (%2$s)” and I can’t do change nothing.

In all pages that have the field price I can’t translate. See this exemple:


This page it’s the page “Properties”. For me, for my bussiness and for my users is really important the plataform be in Portuguese.

Which are options I have for translate this term? Beyound of Loco Translate?

If you’re sure that it’s a built-in field (not a custom attribute in Listings/Attributes) then using Loco Translate is the best way, it allows you to keep the translation file outside of the theme folder so it’s safe from the theme updates (make sure to select a Custom location while adding a new language in Loco).

Sorry for the confusion, the “Price” word should be available in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress

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Thanks man!

I achived translate the word

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