Change order of things on Listing view page

I wanted to change the order how things are display on the listing view page. I want to display the description first and after that the attributes secondary page area. I found that file named "class-listing-view-page.php“ inside the HivePress plugin under hivepress/includes/templates/class-listing-view-page.php which controls the order.

I wanted to override this plugin file with my child theme and created the exact same folder structure and added the file in the last folder. Then I changed my settings accordingly but nothing happens.

Could someone please help me why I cannot overwrite the plugin file?

Please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub

For example, please try to use this PHP snippet to change the order of the description field. You can change the _order value in this snippet by your requirements Change the listing description position (order) on a page #hivepress #listings · GitHub

Thank you for this answer.

However, I would like to position the description directly under the title. The order would be:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Images

It seems like it’s not possible with the code that you just sent. Is there another way to achieve it? And also, why is it not possible to override the class-listing-view-page.php file?

Please try adjusting the order number in the suggested code snippet. It’s possible to customize the listing page with the code tweaks Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube or the Templates feature (please note that it’s in Beta) Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

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