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My website is running the TaskHive theme, and I would like to edit the page where new listings are submitted. There’s a required field titled “Price” that I would like to change (or a new field) to allow users to submit a website URL. How would this be possible?

Also, with specific listings, there’s a sidebar with a “Buy” button and a “Send a Message” button. I would like to delete these buttons or change them to instead include a link to the URL of the service listed. Further, each listing details the price of the service. I would like to delete the standard price tag included in each listing, so that pricing is instead expressed in categories via attributes. I know how to add attributes, but how is it possible to delete/edit the buy and contact buttons in the side bar of a listing - and instead show a button linking to the URL of a particular listing?

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You can disable the Marketplace extension and then create a listing attribute with the URL type How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center
For the Send a Message button, you can disable the Messages extension.

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Thanks a lot for this, it worked. A couple of last follow-up questions on this: Is there a way to make the URL links added via attributes open in a new tab? Also, for some reason, the attribute icon relating to the URL field attribute doesn’t show even after I’ve added an icon. Do you have any idea what’s cauing this?

Hi read this: Attribute URLs opening in a new window

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Hi - thank you, seems to be working. Do you have any idea why the icon I have selected for the URL attribute is not showing? There’s an icon for a pricing attribute I’ve created, this shows. But the one I’ve selected for URL is not.


Please try to add tokens to the display area of the attribute, e.g., %icon% %label%: %value%.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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