Change Tag Position in add listing

Hi, how to position the tags below the description in the submit-listing page? Thanks

Same kind of snippet like Change the listing description position (order) on a page #hivepress #listings · GitHub


Please use this PHP snippet:

	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['tags']['_order'] = 210;

		return $form;
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Thanks it works but what is the order number of the description because currently, my tag order displays on top of attributes which have a lower order number as shown below.

  • description order = ?
  • tag = 200
  • attribute #1 = 101
  • attribute #2 = 102

Now tags are nicely positioned below description but i just don’t understand the order numbers. Thanks

If I remember correctly the Description field has order set to 200, please try adjusting the order number in the snippet above.

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