Change templates using the thirdy-theme

I use Powder Studio theme. It is a block-based design. I am trying to get the listings/listing / category page… etc, to have the same setup as the rest of my site. Essentially, the default header and footer shows up on the hivepress pages.

I tried making a custom template on Hivepress, but because I can’t switch the page template (not the Hivepress page), I can’t remove the default header and footer comparably to the rest of the site like the homepage. Additionally, a number of the blocks shown in the YouTube videos don’t exist, especially in the same width as shown in the video.

How can I proceed?


Unfortunately, we are not familiar with this theme, so we cannot provide more details. But, in order for a third-party theme to be editable using our templates function, a custom integration is required, please check this doc Compatibility with third-party themes - HivePress Help Center