Change text size in phone version

hello! How can I modify the size of the text that is on the category icon only in the phone version?

I read a post from someone who needed something similar but I couldn’t solve it with the response to that post

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Use custom css for this.
Find the class of these elements and write css for mobile

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Thanks for your answer, but where do i Have to look for css for mobile?

When you’ll find the class of the element you want to customize on mobile, (use your inspect browser tool) then apply :

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
  .your-text-class {
    font-size: 15px;

Max-width : enter the value you prefer. Generally it’s around 480px for smartphone, but in my case I set it to 768px.


Bro, I did it and it only works on the notebook when I shrink the tab. but on mobile the changes are not executed

If it works when you reduce the tab but not on a smartphone, this may mean that your “max-width” value isn’t small enough. Your tab may be larger than your smartphone, so try adjusting this value until it applies.

Apart from that, always try to give the rule “!important”, you never know.

If all that doesn’t work, I don’t think I can help any more than that, I’m sorry.

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