Change the copyright notice and menu position in footer

Hi, my layout currently looks like the first image.

I need the layout to look like the second image - (left side: writing & right side: Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Links)

Please advise, as I have been trying to change it for two weeks now.

Thank you

Hi go to appearance/customize/site identity/ under Copyright Notice, write in the 2022 trademark info.

Then to push the terms of service and privacy policy to the right. Go to appearance/customize/menus/footer and you can rearrange the order there, you can also use the live edit screen on the right bottom. Click on the little icon there.

Hope this helps

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t work - the trademark info is to the left but then the terms of service and privacy policy don’t move to the left - they stick to the middle of the footer.

I believe the trademark is reserved for the left side only. Then the rest gets added to the right of it. There is only limited space, so depending how many items you add like tos or privacy policy it gets pushed more to the right.

Sorry I misunderstood at first and thought you wanted it like photo you posted with trademark to the left and rest to the right

Not sure if hivepress support has a code snippet or css code for that. If not a developer can customize it for u, I’m sure.

Please disable third-party customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

Also please make sure that you have a copyright notice in the Appearance/Customize/Site Identity/Copyright Notice. By default, a copyright notice is set to the left, and the footer menu is set to the right

If the issue persists please provide the link to your website if it is possible

Thank you so much Yevhen, I edited the copyright notice and it works now!

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