Change the submit listing form styles

Hi, what kind of CSS commands you would recommend to use if i want to make submit new listing form more beautiful? Edges , fields etc…

I think it would be fair for all hivepress users to have atleast one css code line to modify this form. ADMIN PLEASE PROVIDE IT

Like in contact form 7 editing is made with css. SEE THIS VIDEO.


Hi, send me your email & ill give u some CSS examples. There are many options to display here.

Yes, you can do this with CSS customizations. You can also check our other themes, they have a slightly different style for the form fields. If you’re familiar with CSS, you can target this form via this CSS class:


Hope this helps

Hi , my email is

Thank you !

I sent you CSS code for a professional clean look via email. Feel free to tweak the code and experiment with colors and settings. If u need additional help lmk.

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