Change URL structure for category search

Hi, hivepress team.

Our colleagues from digital agency make SEO for our website and they have a strongly request to change the functionality of Categories in filter block.

I will try to explain it through images below.

When I click on the left filter block Categories , the url becomes too long and invisible for search engines.

But when I clicks on the Categories in the ads block, it works as we need. We need it to implement in filter block.

Actually we need to know how we can change the filter url structure.

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Unfortunately there’s no way to do this for the search URL, it contains raw URL parameters by default (we rely on the default WordPress search), but category pages have SEO-friendly URLs and it should be ok. For example, check websites like Amazon - their search URLs are not human-readable and contains lots of parameters but separate category pages are SEO-friendly. You can do the same for locations by enabling Region pages, we also plan to add support for combined category/location pages with SEO-friendly URLs.

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