Change username to first name (or full name) in header

I’m trying to change the appearance of the header so when a user is logged, he or she sees their username currently, but I’d rather they see their first or full name in that area, if they filled that out.

I went to HivePress/Settings/Users/Display to change to full name from the pulldown, but I still see the username in the header instead.

It is possible but requires overriding file /hivepress/templates/user/login/user-login-link.php via a child theme. If you’re familiar with the theme customization basics please check this tutorial Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

Right. I know that already. That’s not the question.

The question is what do I change get_username to in order to display the full name?

Please try changing get_username() with get_full_name() if you already copied this template part to a child theme. The name fields are not guaranteed to be non-empty unless you added them to the registration form, you can also try using get_display_name() instead

Ah, that’s it. I was trying similar variations of that but it wasn’t working properly. Now it does, so thank you for that.

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