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I’m running the TaskHive theme and I’m trying to add/replace the demo category icons that appear on the frontpage. How do I add new ones (that don’t turn up blurry from adding pgn images)? Do I need to do this via Font Awesome (or another service), and if so, how is this done?

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Please check this topic Category images instead of icons - #3

Hi Andrii. Thanks for your reply. I think to clarify/simplify the issue, what would work for me is if I could reduce the size of the new category images/icons that I add.

I attach a photo of an icon I uploaded vs. a demo content icon. The demo content icon appears smaller (I know that there’s a white border around the icon itself, but even accounting for this, the “box” that describes the category is still smaller). The icon I added, on the other hand, enlarges the box. So the icon appears oversized to the text. I’ve tried uploading smaller icons - but the box has the same size even with a smaller icon, and the icon instead appears blurry.

Is there a way to work this out?


Please try to upload a larger image, then WordPress should reduce it to clear proportions.

HI Andrii. Yes adding a larger icon improves image quality - but the icon appears too large compared to the text. So I would like to reduce the size of the icon (image). Is this possible?


Please try to add a white background to this image, for example, using this editor: Pixlr E: Free Advanced Photo Editor & Image Editing Tool | Pixlr
After that, upload the image again.

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