Changing from ExpertHive theme to ListingHive

I like the image option for categories in ListingHive as opposed to the icon’s in ExpertHive. Will changing theme back to ListingHive from ExpertHive cause problems?

I am not skilled enough to preform the needed coding tasks mentioned in other topics about changing icons to images.

I am setting up a service directory for business owners and will monetize listings at some point. Will also have a store. I am using many plugins: Forminator, HP claim listings, HP blocks, HP Favorites, HP messages, HP paid listings, HP requests, HP tags, WooCommerce, WooCommerce paymrnts, WooCommerce Shipping & Tax and will consider purchasing the Marketplace plugin.

Thank You in advance :grinning:


Sure, if you switch the data will remain, there may be some minor styling issues on the home page though since the design depends on the theme, if you created some layouts using another theme blocks there may be issues.

Please note that ListingHive theme doesn’t include Marketplace and Requests like ExpertHive does. We’ll also try to add more category design options to our premium themes.

Thanks ihor for responding,
I have been experimenting with changing back to ListingHive and the Requests are active and I have not yet purchased Marketplace to see if it works. I may get it in the near future but for now I still have a lot of setup to do before going public.


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