Changing HivePress theme and keeping data

I was wondering how “easy” is it to change an existing website theme from the free “ListingHive” to a premium “JobHive”? Will it retain all existing settings, convert Vendors to Companies, retain attributes for both listings and vendors etc, etc…?

Hi! Yes, if you try any theme, not just HivePress theme, this is not changing of your settings, database, or anything. You can try so many themes as you want.

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Thank you @Fabricator, my concern is since the backend settings change from one Hive theme to another, for example in the free HiveListing theme I have “Listings” and “Vendors” whereas in the JobsHive theme there are “Jobs” and “Companies” instead.

Will my existing “Listings” be automatically “converted” to “Jobs” with all the respictive custom attributes, categories etc? And will my “Vendors” be automatically converted to “Companies” with all the customisations already in place?


Yes, the names of the labels will change, but the data, such as listings and users, will not change.

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