Changing Icons Verified and Featured for other stacked icons


I read here about changing the icons and it kind of work. But I realize the icons we have are stacked icons and this seems to not be achievable in the additional css.

.hp-listing--view-block .hp-listing__featured-badge i::before {
    content: '\f08d'; color: #469280;

.fa-check-circle:before, .fa-circle-check:before {
    content: "\f0c0"; color: #469280;	

but the circle in the back disappears.

I would like to use stacked icons. Is this achievable with css (additional css section)?

If its not possible, can you tell me which file should I modify and add to my child theme, please.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 7.50.26 PM


Please check this topic Change verification badge icon - #4 by andrii

‚ÄčI hope this is helpful to you.

Hi Andrii thanks for your response.

I read that topic before and the result is the image I attached earlier to this topic.

RESULT: The circle in the back also gets overwritten.

Is it possible to change just the icon in front?


Please note that this is not a separate element, but just an icon with a circle.

I see you are right, I understand. I apologize for my confusion.

On the other hand I saw in gist the php files
Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 3.40.29 PM

are these the ones defining those icon in the first place?

I want to use fontawesome syntax to combine several icons together and would like to override that template part. I need to confirm if these are the PHP that need to be overridden.

Thank you.


Yes, this is the correct path to these icons.

thank you andrii

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