Changing text in search box and category search box

in the main search box on the main page how do I change what is written as text that shows in the box when you first enter the site ( Have a look. It currently shows: ‘lokalizacje’ in the location search box and ‘wybierz kategorie’ (it means choose category). I want it to say something different in both boxes. I know how to change it for the attributes bot not for the category and location search box.

Thank you

You can change these field placeholders using Loco Translate; this is the easiest way How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

Hello , thank you for your response. I used loco translate plugin and it worked great to change the name ini the search box. After I changed the name in the location search box another problem appeared. When I try searching for listings in one city ‘Katowice’ the listings from that city show. But when I search for listings in another city ‘Warsaw’ no results show up even though there are listings with that location. This problem appeared after using the loco translate plugin. Please help as this destroyed the most important feature of my website. Please respond ASAP.

Thank you

If it is possible please share the link on your website

Loco Translate has not made problems for HivePress Geolocation extension earlier. Please make sure that you have not made any other changes (e.g adding third-party plugins or customization, changing the website of HivePress settings). Also, please check if there are some errors in the developer console in the browser.

This is a link (above) to the result of searching listings in the location: “Warszawa”

The link below is a link to the listing that is located in “Warszawa” so it should appear in the results of the above link.

Please explain why the listings located in “Warszawa” are not showing in the results when you select Warszawa as a location?

Thank you

Please make sure that you enabled Regions How to set up Geolocation - HivePress Help Center (an extra Secreat API key is required if you use Google Maps instead of Mapbox). Once you enable Regions, any new listings (or if you change the location for existing ones) will generate regions in Listings/Regions, then they will be searchable. So when a specific address is searched, there’s a radius-based search, but if some Region is searched (like Warsaw or Poland) then listings are searched by region (it’s not radius-based since regions have different shapes other than circle).

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