Changing the size of display images?

Hi, the display size of the images is 357 × 357 px. I’d like to make it smaller at 250*250. Already changed the settings in medica > Lanscape small and and Landscape large but it doesn’t take. I uploaded the image after applying those settings.

Please advise. Thank you!


If I understand you correctly, please check the solution in this topic Change size of images in the listing category

Hi Andrii,

I already went through that post before adding this. That helps define the size on the individual listing page but not on the home page and the listing category page.
I tried to change that by media>Lansdscape small and >Landscape large, but it hasn’t helped.

What else can I do?


If you need to have a precise size of 250x250 on all screens, you will need CSS tweaks, because now the image fills the width of the block.

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