Charge sellers for revealing client details

Hello, it may be a possibility that the sales process is simpler as:

  • Client publishes 1 ad.

  • Seller sees the ad and can pay to receive the contact information directly and already contact the customer of the ad.

  • For our part as intermediaries we only charge a fee (€5) for the sale of the contact. You should be able to change the price by category.

  • Each ad receive a total of 3 offers (for example)

  • Possibility for the seller to send from the control panel an attachment to that ad as his offer. In such a way to be able to carry out a little follow-up to the order.


Unfortunately there’s no such monetization model in Requests at the moment, but we plan to add it. We’re working on a new monetization extension to make setting up monetization more flexible. Currently the main monetization models are implemented via the Marketplace, Paid Listings and Memberships extensions.

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