Charge vendor for accepting request

Am planning on upgrading my site and would like to know which extensions will achieve my workflow.

Basically this is what I want to achieve:

  1. A user makes a request
  2. Offers are made by vendors
    3.User pays for accepting an offer( pending confirmation)
    4.Vendor must now confirm they have accepted request by paying.
  3. If vendor confirms , Private information is available to user for contact.

This is intended to charge both user and vendor
Note: For this to work there must be a time limit where vendor must accept or decline offer
6. If vendor declines request, cash paid by user for accepting offer may be refunded.


Unfortuantely there’s no such functionality in Requests at the moment, accepting an offer an paying for it creates a new order in any case. Vendors agree to this by posting an offer so they should be ready that their offer may be paid and there may be a new order based on it.

Thanks, we’ll try to add more monetization models to HivePress.

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