Check booking requests option by default

Can you share any code snippets for that, all the bookings should be accepted by the Host, and right now we can check the Manual booking check box while adding listing, but i want to make it default for all hosts they don’t need to check the box everytime while adding lisitng,

If you want to enable booking requests for every new listing and disallow un-checking this option it’s possible using a code snippet, please try using the snippet suggested here How can I set a default value for a listing attribute and hide it from listing creation - #4 by yevhen

I tested the snippet and it disabled the booking requests, I want to keep the booking request functionality but don’t want to show it on the listing page, so there is any way we can hide that, and every new listing by default use booking requests functionality . so we don’t need to click on check box

I removed the snippet you mentioned in the previous reply but still, i can’t see the accept manual booking feature when we run the snippet and if we delete the snippet there is no way to bring back the old functionally. like i run one snippet but i don’t like the changes we bring after the snippet and now i want to rede the functionality. so i need to delete the snippet or need to change anything else

Please try using both snippets from the linked topic, the first snippet pre-checks the requests option so they are always enabled for new listings, and the second one hides this option from editing in the front-end form.

Working Fine, Thanks for the help @ihor

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