Claim listing option is not showing

I have been creating listings for my vendors and I want them to be able to claim them.

Context: these listings are free and I am not trying to monetize.

My potential vendors are not seeing a “claim listing” option and I cannot see it either when I use “incognito” mode on chrome.

My admin has been uploading the listings and I see they are currently acknowledged as the “vendor”. Could this be why claims are not showing up? If so, how do I fix this? We need to upload about 100 listings.

happy to pay someone to sort out for me



That’s ok since it within the support scope. This option may be hidden in 2 cases:

  • The listing is marked as Verified, this prevents others from claiming listing

  • The website is cached, so the link appears for logged in users but not for others yet

Thank you so much! Suggestion 1 was the culprit.

Super grateful for the reply and congrats on an amazing product!

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