Clarification about free listings

I’m currently setting up a marketplace where I will be monetizing via featured listings packs.

I offer a free pack of 3 listings alongside a paid 15 featured listing pack.

Free listings are set to expire in 30 days.

Will users be able to get the free package again once their listings expire? Or is it a one-time per-user deal?

I’d like for free users to be able to have 3 free listings renewed monthly.

I know there’s an option for allowing multiple free packages, but I understand that as concurrently.

Also, is there a way of editing how many listing “credits” a user has available without messing with the DB? I didn’t seem to find it in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Thank you!

By default, free packages can’t be re-selected, if you enable multiple free packages then there’s no limit on re-selection. Sorry, there’s no way to edit the remaining listing limit for a user yet, but there’s a workaround if it’s a premium package (you can switch the order status back to “on hold” and then to “completed” to re-add its limit to the user account). We’ll try to add some tool for editing the limit in future updates.

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