Classifieds site - using only the plugin

I have an already made site, and i want to add you plugin for making a classifieds section.
The site already uses Avada, so i dont want to change the theme
I want to integrate your hivepress plugin there
1- I see ‘vendors section’, but i want the users to be able to post their classifieds from the front end, not that i must to register people as vendor as i see in your tutorials. Any info ?
2- I dont see how to create a classified as a user from the frontend, I dont see a ‘new listing’ block for my pages
3- Is there any dedicated info about integrating the plugin without your themes?


Sure, you can use the HivePress plugin with third-party themes, but the styles may be basic and require some CSS tweaks. Please try adding these links to the header section:
These are the Add Listing and Account (or Login) links. We are also working on a detailed tutorial about third-party theme integrations.

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