Coding language in the theme


I am wondering which language code is required to make customizations on the website. I know that PHP is used but can other codes like java script be used to make customizations? Thanks!

(Sorry I am very newbie in this topic)

I recommend hiring a developer familiar with WordPress (there’s a category for WP services) WordPress themes and plugins are implemented using PHP & JS languages, also HTML markup & CSS styles.

So all of them are compatible with the hivepress themes, right?

If you mean developers they may not be familiar with HivePress-specific functionality, but experience with WordPress helps. If you mean technologies then yes, any WP theme or plugin is built with PHP & JS programming languages.

Thank you so much for the clarification :slight_smile:

Hi! I am just wondering if is possible to make customizations using Python.


Unfortunately it’s not possible since WordPress itself and its themes are implemented using PHP (and HTML/JS/CSS for the front-end).

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