Colorful Format and Label Attributes

1)How to bold and green color font for labels in Format section at attributes?

2)How to replace and change default icons in attributes with larger and more pretty icons?


  1. The display format accepts HTML code so it may work this way:

<span style="color:green;font-weight:bold">%label%</span>

If you mean all labels, it may be possible to target them with a custom CSS snippet.

  1. We use Font Awesome icon set in all themes, it’s possible to replace it if you integrate a third-party icon set (e.g. via CSS or a plugin) and just set the icon HTML or shortcode in the display format.

Thank you, would you please update with customized css snippet and my desired changes applied for all labels in attributes.

You can try this CSS snippet to target the attribute labels:

.hp-listing__attribute strong {color:green;font-weight:bold}

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