Commission Rate showing negative on checkout

When setting the commission rate for Vendors at $5 and the customer’s at 2%, the service fee calculates correct, however, the “Direct Payment” takes the $5 out of the sale and makes the total due the fees, the 2% and the $5, $6.50 on a $50 sale.

The Vendor sees the $6.50 in their dashboard under revenue while the Order breaks the sale down correctly. Please help.


Your screenshot shows the expected behavior if you have Direct Payouts enabled. With direct payouts, only the commission fee is paid on your website. The rest, buyers should pay sellers in person. So, this mode works only if both parties meet in person (e.g., if you list offline services on your website).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you, Thank you. That was the issue. I didn’t understand how that worked. Good looking out!

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