Common feed for offers to all posted requests

Firstly thank you for providing such a good and comprehensive software.

I know there have been questions about this topic previously including from myself.
But I am having to revisit this again as everyone who we ask to test our website has the same opinion of this glaring single problem.

When someone makes a “Request”, there is no simple visual way to see “Offers” that have been made for the “Request”. Other than the email (if they happen to see it) and by opening each request and looking for any Offers that may have arrived.

Likewise the person making the Offer has no simple way to see the Offers they have made.
In fact the person making the offer has to manually make a note elsewhere and/or remember which offers they have made.

A solution for this would be greatly appreciated by us and I am sure also your other customers especially those using ExpertHive.

Thank You.


Thanks for your suggestion. This feature is already on the roadmap, and we will consider adding it as soon as possible.

That is great news.
Thank you for the update.

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