Company field in the registration form

In the demo content of jobhive I see in the listing and at the primary block the company name but when I register at the site and look into the jobs only the firstname of the person is shown.

How can we adjust this?
It should start at register, there must be the company name asked. And at the job page the company name shown


If you mean to display the Company field during registration, unfortunately, there is no such possibility, it will require an additional PHP snippet (How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center). You can check out this sample Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi Andrii, not only at registration.
At the demo of jobhive you see a all jobs posteb by companies. not by persons.

See the 3 images below


Please provide more details. Have you imported the demo of this theme? If your site is not yet filled with content, I recommend importing a demo How to import JobHive demo content - HivePress Help Center. If the site is already filled with content, you must create a Company attribute in WordPress > Companies. After that, in HivePress > Settings > Companies > Display Name > specify the attribute you created. Then, the company name will be synchronized with the attribute value. Also, if this attribute is required and editable, you must fill it in.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I did use the demo content. And this is showing the company name.

But, when I register as new company you wont see the company name, you will see the first name of the person who is registrated.

If I make a new attribute with the company name, the name is not shown on the place i did pointed out.
At this place you will only see the first name of the contact.
It looks very strange to see a page Jobs at [Firts name] instead of Jobs at [company]

I want the same situation as the demo content. So I think a litlle bit of programing is required.
This is a flaw in the software.


No, no additional coding is required. You must import the demo and follow the steps described above in the solution.

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This works, many thanks

You are saying:

But I did enter the license key, is this not visable?

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