Compatability issue with CookieYes

When I activate the Cookie blocker script of CookieYes through the Header Footer Code Manager Plugin, I am unable to reply to listings, review them or claim them.

Steps to reproduce

Install and activate CookieYes
Install Header Footer Code Manager Plugin and insert the CookieYes Banner code.

Actual result

Reviews/Replies/Claiming of listing does not work.

Expected result

It should work.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee compatibility with all the WordPress plugins (there are tens of thousands of third-party plugins), but if there’s a simple conflict there may be a fix. Please share more details about this issue, when you mention that buttons don’t work do you mean that they are not clickable or there’s some error message? You can also send a link to your site.

Hello, yes I understand.

The buttons are not clickable when I put the script for the banner in the header.

But the issue seems resolved, as I realized that I do not need to put the script in the header for the banner to work. It works even without putting the script in the banner :+1:

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