Compatibility Issue with Filters on Desktop and Mobile Platforms


I am reaching out to address a significant functionality issue on my website Vidya Village, which is impacting user experience across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Issue on Desktop: The filters on the website are only operational when accessed via Google Chrome. Unfortunately, they do not function when the site is viewed through other major browsers such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox. This browser-specific issue is puzzling, especially since the search functionality works perfectly across all these browsers.

Issue on Mobile:The situation is even more problematic on mobile devices, where the filters fail to work on any browser.

Given these details, it seems there might be a compatibility issue with the filter functionality on different browsers and platforms.
I kindly request your assistance in resolving these issues. Are there specific settings or updates that I need to implement to ensure cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility for these filters? Any guidance or support you can provide in this regard would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.
Best regards,


Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

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