Compatibility with Oxygen Builder

Hello, I am making a booking site in wordpress and I like the functionality of hivepress, but I’m using Oxygen Builder for design. Oxygen builder disables wordpress themes and uses templates for pages like archives, single products, etc. Now the problem is that hivepress uses it’s own templates for those pages and I can’t overwrite them with Oxygen templates. is there a way to disable hivepress templates so I can use only the desired elements in pages and templates designed with Oxygen?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this in the current HivePress version, by default HivePress renders HTML templates for its specific pages (e.g. the listing, vendor, account pages) but these can be overridden using the code snippets, child theme or without code customizations in HivePress/Templates. These templates support the Gutenberg editor only, but we’ll consider adding integration with Oxygen.

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