Compatible WC Vendors Pro plugin with HivePress

Hi, I’m using Wc vendors Pro plugin in me wordpress and Would like to add Hivepress in the same wordpress. If I install hivepress will there be any problem with the user role since WC Vendors pro and hivepress using the same role which is “vendor”?


Unfortunately, we can’t give you more details because we haven’t tested this plugin with our extension, but there will likely be issues due to the same names for the sellers.


If the user role problem occurs, can it be fixed using “User role editor plugin”. Like creating a new role for as “Hivepress vendor” and provide vendor permissions?


Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that this is definitely possible because HivePress automatically assigns the Contributor role if the current user who becomes a vendor does not have edit_posts capability (you need to select the user as the author of the content in WordPress).

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