Compatible with third-party deposit plugins

Hello, 1- I had already made a complaint about this problem but the response was not effective. In fact, I use rentalhive and the deposit and partial payment for woocommerce plugin, because I only invoice the service fees, then the users pay themselves directly. However, the cleaning fees are paid each time at the same time as the 10% service fees, whereas I don’t want to be paid for the cleaning fees (additional fees) where is the problem: I am in MANUAL mode on hivepress/payment…
2-Is there a way for users to log in or register using their phone number? thanks


  1. Please provide more details about this issue (e.g., which plugin you are using, your steps step by step, etc.). Also, please note that third-party plugins may not work correctly if no integration is written for them. Also, we recommend the Direct Payout method if you need to pay only commissions online How to set up payouts - HivePress Help Center.

  2. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet implemented in this version.

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