Complete profile error with Stripe Connect

Hi there,

There is an error when trying to complete a host/guest profile.

2023-03-20 (8)

After signing-in I wanted to List a property which forwarded me to Complete profile page:

2023-03-20 (7)

When I press Proceed to Stripe to complete the profile the error pops up.

Any idea what can be wrong?

Also, to be able to sign-in I have to turn off “iThemes Security” plugin. Does it mean I cannot use this plugin with RentalHive? Is there a list of plugins which are compatible with RentalHive theme? Especially the security ones.

Thank you.


  1. If possible, please check the PHP error log; it usually contains the detailed error, mentions the file and line number where it occurred, and shares errors here.

  2. Please provide more details on what kind of error is displayed.

  3. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with third-party plugins.
    However, we recommend that you additionally check the settings of this plugin in case it blocks the REST API or contact its support or documentation.

Thank you Andrii,

could you please let me know which error log should I look for. I see couple of them under cPanel - File Manager.

Also, I was able to set REST API in iThemes Security to default access and it works OK now. Thank you.


You can contact your hosting provider or install this plugin and check the PHP logs (please try to reproduce the issue, after you see the error again, please go to PHP logs and copy the last PHP log and send it to us).

Hi Andrii,

I am in touch with WooCommerce team and they said that:

“Additionally, you had mentioned before that your Stripe account is a Stripe Connect account. If so, this could also be a source of difficulty. Stripe Connect accounts are not fully supported by our Stripe plugin. If you do have a Stripe Connect account, you may need to create a new Stripe Standard account for it to work.”

I tried Stripe Standard account and it does not work neither.

Is the STRIPE CONNECT EXPRESS ACCOUNT the only way to process payments in RentalHive?
They are expensive like hell :exploding_head:

Thank you.

Sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding - you have to use your standard Stripe account to accept payments via WooCommerce (so you have to set your regular Stripe API key in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments and set up Stripe for accepting payments according to WooCommerce docs), but for payouts (those implemented via Stripe Connect by HivePress) you have to use the Stripe Connect API key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations. So the payment flow is like this:

  1. Customer pays via the WooCommerce checkout, via the standard WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway.
  2. Funds appear on your standard Stripe account balance and then on the Stripe Connect balance (these are linked if you created Stripe Connect account via the same Stripe account you have).
  3. When vendors register on your site, they are redirected to Stripe onboarding where they set up an express account (it’s like a sub-account of your Stripe Connect account).
  4. When the order on your site is marked as Completed, HivePress triggers a transfer from your Stripe Connect account to the vendor’s express account.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Ihor for explanation.

Hi, can you please describe step number 3 a little more. Are the vendors gonna be redirected to the Stripe website or the setting of an express account will be integrated to the theme and website?


Yes, the vendor will be redirected to Stripe onboarding, where they will create an express account (it’s like a sub-account of your Stripe Connect account).

Hi Ihor,

I just want to clarify which API key goes where.

I have 2 Stripe accounts: Standard account and Platform account (connect account) - this is how Stripe calls the accounts I have.

  • I had it connected how you have described above, but it did not work.
  • I tried to use only the Platform account keys for WC (publishable and secret keys) and for HivePress (secret key) and it seems to be working now.

I used Platform account publishable and secret keys for WC
Screenshot 2023-05-31 095943

And the same Platform account secret key for HivePress settings
Screenshot 2023-05-31 100155

I did not use any keys from the Standard account as you mentioned above to use for WC and it seems to be working now.

Are you sure to use Standard account keys (publishable and secret) for WC and Platform account secret key for HivePress setting? As I mentioned, I had it like this before and it did not work at all.

Thank you for clarification.

I can’t say for sure about the Standard keys, I haven’t checked if they differ from the Connect one if it’s the same Stripe account altogether. If the payment flow works (website->Stripe gateway via WooCommerce->Stripe Connect balance->vendor’s linked Stripe balance) then it should be ok.

Standard account and Platform account API keys do differ and it seems that this was causing the issues (having Standard account API keys setup with WC).

Now, everything goes through Platform (connect) account, only. There is nothing shown on Standard account.

Should the Standard account be somehow involved in the process as well?

As I said, it seems to be working. All charges, transfers and payouts are happening on Platform (connect) account only.

Thank you Ihor.

So payments made via WooCommerce checkout now appear on the Stripe Connect balance? If so then it should be fine, since it’s the first step of the payout workflow, then order status change to Completed should trigger payouts (transfers) to the linked vendor Stripe accounts. The standard Stripe account of the site owner is not needed in this case.

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Yes Ihor, that’s exactly how it works now.

I guest, this might be the same problem other people are experiencing here in the Community. Having Standard account instead of Platform (connect) account API keys setup with WooCommerce.

Thank you Ihor.

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