Complete/Reject/Dispute button disappeared in hivepress new version 1.6.13

I recently update to 1.6.13 from 1.6.12 and found out that it doesn’t show the buyer
(complete reject and dispute) button in order section even though its enabled in settings.

Please let me know if the account menu is also hidden on the order page, if so then this may be the same issue as described here My Account/Orders page is broken since last update - #3 by ihor

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Everything is fine for other things
Just these buttons shown in the picture. Such as complete dispute and reject buttons disappear in the hivepress version 1.6.13

Please make sure that disputing is allowed, and manual completion is enabled in HivePress/Settings/Orders. Also, there’s a new version of HivePress - let me know if this issue persists after the update.

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Updated to hivepress Version 1.6.14 and now the buttons are back.
Thank you so much Ihor.

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