Condition the payment of the request if the service is completed

How to condition the payment of the request if the service is completed?

Vendors will be able to bid on requests, while users will be able to set the desired budget and pay for accepted offers but what happens if the service of the vendor is not good or incomplete?


First of all, please note that the Marketplace extension works like an escrow by default, all the payments are sent to the site owner first (so the site owner holds the funds). Vendors are paid only after completing the order.

If you enable “Disputes” and “Completion” options in the WP Dashboard > HivePress > Settings > Orders section, then buyers will be able to check the order and if something is wrong with the order or there are some issues, a customer can reject the order or notify the website admins (start a dispute).

Until the “completion” of the order, all the funds will be held by the marketplace and customers will be able to contact website admins to ask for a refund and so on.

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